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Romantic Soirée
Dear La Siora member,
This year marks La Siora's 20th anniversary and 15th anniversary for domina Shinju and domina Murasaki.
We would like to thank all of our members for your support.
We celebrate the anniversary with a humble party.
This is only a greeting and an invitation.

~Romantic Soirée~
Saturday 28th October
Open 7:00pm Close 10:00pm
Nihonbashi area
Male 20,000JPY Female 6,000JPY

Let us create romantic time only we, Femdom believer, can create.
Only gentlemen with La Siora membership are allowed to participate. Membership is not required for ladies.
Limited numbers are available.
To purchase the ticket, please email La Siora with your membership number and your name.
lasiora2008 @yahoo.co.jp

*This is not a "play-party," or a show event.
*No casual clothes
*Cross-dressing, fetish clothing, Halloween costumes are welcomed

After Party
~ Fetish Halloween ~
Saturday 28th October
10:00pm - until morning
@XEX Nihonbashi
Details to be announced
(Discounts available for participants in Romantic Soiree)

Under a dress code(halloween, fetish, etc) anyone can join the party.
No one cares if you wear a mask among all the halloweencostumes.
A great opportunity for you, shy boys and girls
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Hello,Long time no update.
I will update about our present situation.

We have updated about Love Hotel in Japan,how to use it.(^-^)/
[Click here!]

A sad news,Saki leaves at the end of May...。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。
[Click here!]

A good news,New domina has joined!ヾ(o´∀`o)ノ
She can join your session as a part of her training.Please give her your cooperation.
[Click here!]

Domina Iris has update in English and Spanish at time.
Pleae check her blog!

Break time @ Domina School LA SIORA

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Domina Lum will leave La Siora.
She is a domina of La Siora and she is my good friend also.
Our office will be awfully quiet without her.
This is La Siora English blog,check it.

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On the Friday 17th March

Tomorrow,the Friday on 17th March
Rei's Birthday @ [Bar AMARCORD]
More one...

Baby domina "IRIS"from [La Siora],
she will make her debut romorrow.
She speaks English and Spanish.
So she writes her blog in Japanese,English and Spanish.
Plsease check! [here]http://blog.livedoor.jp/lapuertanueva/
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New Domina Sakurako
How have you been since lately?

A new domina joined 【La Siora】 near the end of the year.She is 19years old,she is young but she is clever indeed.And she is cute♥kawaii♥
After new year,we made photo shooting.Here,her photos.

She is now available for joining your session for free to watch the session. Please let us know if you are interested when you make an appointment.
The Friday 13 January 17:00~22:00
The Saturday 14 January 13:00~19:00

Rie Asagiri

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