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On the Friday 17th March

Tomorrow,the Friday on 17th March
Rei's Birthday @ [Bar AMARCORD]
More one...

Baby domina "IRIS"from [La Siora],
she will make her debut romorrow.
She speaks English and Spanish.
So she writes her blog in Japanese,English and Spanish.
Plsease check! [here]http://blog.livedoor.jp/lapuertanueva/
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New Domina Sakurako
How have you been since lately?

A new domina joined 【La Siora】 near the end of the year.She is 19years old,she is young but she is clever indeed.And she is cute♥kawaii♥
After new year,we made photo shooting.Here,her photos.

She is now available for joining your session for free to watch the session. Please let us know if you are interested when you make an appointment.
The Friday 13 January 17:00~22:00
The Saturday 14 January 13:00~19:00

Rie Asagiri

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Schedule of Shinju and Saki

Now, our internet connection is not good.So we are not able to reply prompty.
Please wait a moment.
↓Sorry to keep you waiting.It had been restored.

[Domina Saki] will change her regular schedule.
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thuesday 14h00-23h00

[Domina Shinju] changed her schedule.
She made to plan to take a day off on the Saturday 8th October .
But she canceled the day off,so we accept her appointment on the day as usual.

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New main menu photos,the model is Tohka!
I have changed main menu photos.In this time,the model is Miss Tohka.
And I have updated Tohka's new profile photos also.You can look the photos from portrait on this page.
[Click here]
I will update more Tohka's and another domina's photos.Wait for a few days!
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AKIHO festival
I had change top page photos on La Siora website for AKIHO festival

Akiho festival
Domina Akiho celebrated the 10th anniversary of [ La Siora] Domina life in this year.
She was born in September.She has double birthday in this year.
Let's celebrate the double happy!

💛 Date
Saturdat,10th September
Bar open 20h00
Event 22h00 - 5h00

💛 Place
2F Lounge space
3F Cabaret / DJ

*Gallery Bar AMARCORD
Website [Click here!]
S3Buld 1F 2-18-7 Shinjyuku Shinjyuku - ku,Tokyo
TEL: (03)6457-7477
* 3min a walk from C8exit of Shinjyuku-San-chome Station.
* 15min a walk from east exit of JR Shinjyuku station
or Higashi-Shinjyuku station.
Open : 20:00~4:00
year round; 7 days a week 
Regular Holiday :
O-bon (Middle Augst)
New Years Holiday

💛 Ticket
F / 3000yen /3drinks
M / 7000yen /3drinks
F / 3000yen /2drinks
M / 7000yen /2drinks

Thcket Shops
[Gallery Bar AMARCORD]

💛 Parfomance
Akiho(La Siora)
Maico Tsubaki(Mode et Baroque)
Lune Glitter(Mode et Baroque)
Ruina(La Siora)
Akiha Takanashi

💛 DJ
Yumiko Kagami(Ereka)
Fred the Bat
Iori Sakai(Amarcord)

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