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Best hopes and wishes for the New Year! Rie Asagiri
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2016 New year!

I hope you will have a great year!
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"Don't give up, go for it!"???Reary???
Your hard work won't always be rewarded.
Most people say "don't give up, go for it!"
yet those encouraging words can be good or bad depending on the time and the situation.
Sometimes I see them in my frozen eyes,
thinking, "do you have a positive-sick, like you are obsessed to be positive all the time?"

To be a fool that always tries. This is my choice over trying one thing too hard.
"It didn't work out this time but let's try it five more times,
I'll think about it if it doesn't work after five tries," I am like this.
Convenience stores don't sell a life or a success but they got tea and treats,
so I'll take a short brake and I'll do it again.

Oh, but seems like the cats don't wanna have a brake now.


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Enjoy!My private life!
I haven't uploaded blog for a while,I'm sorry.
When I can not write my blog, I don't have time for sitting in front of computer always.
I lead an active life.

I had an untoward incident, but today I write happy news.

Some dominas from [La Siora] and I, enjoyed homemade dishes making slave O.
This time, he made "paella" according to [Ayatsuki]'s request.
Good job, O,you can cook anything!

[Akiho],[Misty] and reception staff,ex-La Siora domina...a party for women.
So I used Barbie paper plates.I bought it at Barbie house in Berlin.
It gave an illusion,you see paella look like jewels?lol

On the day,many dominas joined.
Milano Midorikawa from fetish boutique Baby Doll,
Mistress Yumiko from SM salon Eureka, Mistress Ichika from SM club Myrrh...

They are my good friends,they are beautiful and good mistresses!
You can only say "Yes"!
O, thank you for cooking all day long!

I met Mistress Hibiki from SM club absolute in Nagoya.
She is a good mistress also.She make BDSM emotion in Nagoya.
We went to good yakitori restaurant.
She had to go back to Nagoya so we didn't have much time.But we had fun time!!

Next, I went to see [FUERZA BRUTA] NYC with Milano, Akiho and her slave O.
I wanted see it for sure!!So I made a promise when they were drunk.
Thank you for O, your tickets arrangement was quick.
It was great show!

But, i have one thing to complain...
A man and a woman was standing in front of us and taking video with their smartphone for first 20min.
Your arms were so annoying! (angry) I think they missed important part on stage as they focused on the display for long.

But.. i don't mean we don't need to take photos. I have hard time to find good photo for my blog.
I often get photos from my friends and staffs.

I tend to forget taking pictures when I face and feel the beauty, the truth, the core.
I keep many wonderful moments in my mind though..
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It's been a year since The Tohoku Earthquake.
I'm sorry that I was not being able to write a new entry.I've been very busy.

Though I usually like to write my English blog by myself, I decided to ask one of English speaking staffs in La Siora to write this entry because I don't think I can have time to write by myself.

It's been a year since The Tohoku Earthquake.
I guess you all already know about the horrible disaster because it's reported all over the world.
I wrote a tribute message in my Japanese blog, but it was very hard for me to write English blog because I got some troubles with translation of formal Japanese words like "Gomeifuku-oinori-shimasu" "Omimai-moushi-agemasu".
(Those words are very formal expression like "may the soul rest in peace" in Japan.)

Anyway, most of you are reading my English blog knowing that I'm not good at English, especially speaking expressions, right?
So, I would like to simply tell you all my honest feeling now.

I hope the missing people can go back their home.
I hope people who are working hard for reconstruction can finish their job safely.
I hope animals who unfortunately lost their life are rest in peace.
I hope everyone can have safe and peaceful life in Japan.

And I hope everyone in the world can have safe life on the planet earth.

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