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All manner of things
SHOWREEL Paulina Nurkowska

- SHOWREEL Paulina Nurkowska - from Paulina Nurkowska on Vimeo.

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Toots Thielemans

[ Toots Thielemans ] puts on a live show every year in Japan.
I have been there once before when he played at Blue Note in Tokyo.
He was older than today's movie,
but he had an abundance of energy.

I'd like to keep up my efforts for delightful life no matter when or where.
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[Vitas] appeared on the screen in China.
I'm curious...I really wanna see this movie [Mulan].

Recently I become curious about Chinese movie.

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La donna e mobile

First slapping-scene,
I guess have many of submissive men who loved it?

It amaging voice of Vitas is so enjoyable.

The point is lyric.
Heart of women apt easy to skip?
You are it is rudeness the caused by only women's mind?
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Moonlight Sonata
I'm in the moonlight.
Footstep of Death and creation of life.

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