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I realize again...beautiful!
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Destination of soul


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Truth about atomic tragic drama
I cannot help crying seeing this unbelievable view.

Please just watch those photos of pets that had been left at their home after the nuclear accident in Fukushima. The explanation is Japanese, but I think you can tell how horrible situation it is.
*They are shocking pictures. Please be refrain from seeing them if you expect that you might feel uncomfortable.

Click here!【犬猫救済の輪】
(The Circle of Dog&Cat Rescue)

This blog became popular after [Miss Devi] introduced the entry on [her blog]. Miss Devi is this lady. I have seen her before, she is a very kind Madame. Although Japanese media did not broadcast about the pets, journalists from foreign countries already revealed it.
(Japanese Government made 20km from the nuclear plants as the " evacuation zone" where no one is supposed to go there. Therefore, the life of pet animals in the zone are technically abondoned.

I saw some people posted negative comments on owners of the pets for leaving their family members at home. However, in fact, many people evacuated with no belongings and they did not know that they might not be able to come back in a few days when they went out of the town. They could release their pets if they knew they cannot come back for long.

I have a dog as well. After the disaster last month, I have been wondered if I should go evacuate with him because I saw some sad pictures of dogs being lashed and left alone when a big earthquake happened in Niigata. I would never think of this kind of thing if nothing happened. If that was just a natural disaster, I can accept everything. However, the nuclear accidents were caused by human errors and laziness for preparations in emergency situations. I painfully feel selfishness of human beings.

On the other hand, German is very progressive. I saw some news saying German is reducing the use of nuclear powers and heading to the future without nuclear plants. I know it is very difficult for Japan to follow them immediately, but I hope we can go to the same direction someday.

Law and concessions…they are very complicated. In Japan, showing sexual organs in porno videos are strongly censored. Moreover, sexual service shops cannot have private rooms. Some clubs have special permission of having their own private rooms. I think thai is meaningless. Most of the customers are normal people. Everyone come visit us with their limited money. If we had a private room, we can do our business with cheaper room fee. Japanese laws are not to prevent crimes, but like quizzes. I hope they make clear laws to do business properly.

I am not insisting that they should make sexual contents totally legal. I believe that there should be proper oppressions like laws. However, meaningless oppressions are not necessary. They should pay attention to more important problems.

Donations to Red Cross and other public organizations take long time to reach people, and they cannot afford to rescue and help dogs and cats. Since we cannot expect government’s help for pets, I want to donate to volunteer people who are willing to help animals. I also asked many people to support us. When we La Siora gathered some money for Red Cross last month, we decided to do donations continuously. Therefore, we donated some of our heart this month as well. That donation will go to "The Circle of Dog&Cat Rescue" or The Red Cross. We are very grateful and thank you all members for kind supports.

It might be natural that the government and many organizations focus on people than pets because there are still many missing people and people need immediate help to live. However, I don’t think the government even does the least for saving abandoned pets.

I want to beg you who can handle many languages. Please let your media know the horrible situations that many pets are going through right now.

I think Japanese politicians could change their attitude by pressures from other countries. Even though many demonstrations against the government happened domestically, it is not as simple as we can resolve everything by ourselves.

By the way, I am not 100% against nuclear power use. I understand that we must find replacements. However, I hope that we can stop using it. I feel it is wrong to have things what human beings cannot handle with.

I asked a receptionist to help translating my entry this time because I do not have time to do it. I hope that I could write it by myself, but it is very hard to discuss about problems like this with my unskillful English.
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SOS!Fukushima Plant's No. 3 Reactor

As you know,Japan has an atomic accident .
First earthquake,second Tsunami,third atomic accident,fourth no potential leader in Japan...Japanese had a new crop of controversies.
It was just like to open a Pandora's box.

I was in Paris when an earthquake came.
I didn't have jet lag in my body and brain,but I have jet lag in news.
So my firend [Yumiko @ bar Eureka] showed me some movie on YouTube.
Now many Actual Tsunami movie has updated.
It was literally disaster,We watched it till 7am morning...!!

At this late date,Todentu Corporation issued SOS signals to France.
Now I checked this news and found it n Yahoo news.
But I knew it from foreigners.
France media made the first move about this news before Japan media.
Why!Why did I knew it from abroad before home country report?
Oh,well...I am not inclined to believe news,so I turn on TV a few time in a year.

France is country which has more Atomic than Japan.
And France know nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl abd have specialized scientist.
Fukushima Plants No.3 reactor bought plutonium in France,in 1999 I believe.
France makes advances atomic research in their studies,and they have an experience to fight pollution of Chernobyl catastrophe.

26th March,Todentu Corporation appealed to France that atomic industry for support.
But it is too late!It is two weeks past.
All that time,they gave out information bit by bit and went back on all each time.
We wanted to know truth about radiation leak and everythings.
We won't get panics for it now.
But the least you should have to evacuate children and pregnant woman from contaminated territory.
Don't you think We eventually jeopardize a future if We harming the children?
If it become reality ,Who accede our BDSM?

Who did say "Japan's atomic is excellence"?
Third part of them have not in anticipation of flooding from tsunami.
It's like just uncoated rain shoes.

I check this site for getting the right piece of information.(English/Japanese)

This site have update News that Atomic news in France translate into Japanese.
[France media news]

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Don't worry.
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