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I stopped to update this blog since middle of May because I had flood damage in La Siora office and I was busy.So I couldn't update.
I restart slowly because I finished this problem.
But many leather tools and dresses for transvestites have damaged. So now we are getting new one.

On middle of June,I came to Europe with Shinobu, Ukyo from La Siora and Rina and Riko from Bar AMARCORD.
Now they are in Tokyo but I'm still in Paris now.
Last week it was not hot, I put on shirts with long sleeves.
But today, it was burning hot!!
Yesterday was also...in this week, it have been hot all the day...I have a poor appetite because of the heat...
I checked a news, the hightest temperature is 38.5℃ in Japan!! It is hot in Japan also!!

Please be careful of your helth!
Prenez soin de votre sante!
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Lately,one of my friend's couple has been fighting.
Case of Jealousy.
They should work it but their too much pride cut into each other and finally it's go on ego battle.

My feeling of Jelous is almost none.
I really don't care in a flash when I hold Jealousy.
I'm getting tired and my feeling will be cool down in a moment.

Oh,don't get me wrong,I'm not stranger to know jealous.
Long time ago,I got jealous when I saw my slave girl was playing with the other man.
I was the one who hooked them up, I'm not jealous at that point.
But when they started to play..I was upset.

That is experience that my most strongest feel jealous like nothing before since then.
From that day I lost my feel of Jelousy.

There are a lot of dominas who disallow to theire slaves to playing with another domina.
It could be some results that slave was distractedexcept my own train proglam, some want to pay attention only me...
I know there are so many reasons but in the end,isn't that just jelous...?

I don't like such as kind of that style.
Worship or submissive will be making as naturally in thier mind.
Forced submissive is not real,not true.

So almost my friends said my session style such as "grazing".lol
That's correct!
My own style is not slave-training inside poultry house.Hahaha.

I've never told to dominas for thought of BDSM by my forced.
But evrytime I told dominas that don't say to a slave to stop to have a session with the other dominas.
There is no meaning to get worth in easy way.

Inaddition,Isn't a plesure to chosen by a slave who had a experiences to had a session with a many dominas?
There is no meaning to chosen by a non experience slave.
Because it's just a "fresh",go bad quickly.

All I want to say is..
If you feel guilty to have a session with a many dominas,
I think it's fine.
A domina who is your no time in running to,that is your answer.

Please be careful to use a Jerousy.
It can be aphrodisiac or hurt you.

Sorry,I'm busy now.So our receptionist Hiromi and Angelica translate today.

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Can all Japanease dominas make KINBAKU?
Photo by Rie

At foreign country...
but only Europe.I don't know other countries BDSM...
I used to go to SM-club and Fetish event,joined private party...I really had fun!
When I think back,why could I play such a lot though I do not speak English?
Thank you for all helped me...too late.lol

I'm Japanease,so a lot KINBAKU=Japanease rope-mania talked me.
I couldn't back out and I had ever lecture for European domina...but just a simple!!
Because I am not good at KINBAKU!

I like bondage.
In my SM session,I make KINBAKU if the situation need it what I want to do.
But I don't have full of passion to KINBAKU.
I like BDSM A-to-Z,throughout BDSM world.
(By the way,I am Whip-mania.)
Even so I blessed myself that I am able to KINBAKU only a little because I had got a lot of BDSM-friends and slaves.

There were a lot of European think that Japanease professional dominas are able to KINBAKU.
But that's not the case.
There are SM-club do or dont't KINBAKU-training for dominas.
So there are dominas whom can not KINBAKU.
She may not be good even if she is able to KINBAKU.

I was surprised by KINBAKU mania made KINBAKU at fetish event in Japan had skill excellence!
It was high level very well by Japanease standards.
"We tend to improve at those things we like"...don't you think?
I admired their skill and passion...I wanted to learn from them! lol

I provoked soul-searching and I train for La Siora domina KINBAKU-skill.
You may set your mind at ease.We don't have unable-KINBAKU dominas in La Siora.

But their skill-level results in differences.
Don't expect too much of skill of Baby domina and experience under six-month domina.
Other dominas reach a certain level of KINBAKU.
If you'd like to session with outstand making KINBAKU dominas,as indicated below.
(2009 October )
Skilled well: Shinju / Murasaki / Akiha.T

Let me know to La Siora by e-mail or clap comment if you have some questions.
I answer a number of question on this blog.
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