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Amarcord 6th anniversary and new photos!

【Bar AMARCORD】 is 6th anniversary of the shop opening in Feb!
We will celebrate the twelfth anniversaryon Friday 5th and Saturday 6th frb/
By all means stop in to see us.

Next info is from[La Siora]
We have uodated many new photos.

[Domina Lum]
Click the portraits page.

[Domina Ruina]
She is a new and ,20 years old domina.
Click the portraits page.

[Domina Akane]
She is a beautiful and newdomina.
Click the portraits page.
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Events Infomation in August
I bought a big watermelon.
I tasted some of it and it was so sweet and yummy!
I chose a good one! Jackpot!

Japanese Summer = watermelon, fireworks, gold fishes, somen noodle...
I'd love to announce about fun summer nights in Amarcord!
Of course we have cold noodle slider (Nagashi Somen) as we do in every summer!

August 1st (Fri) Midnight
Asuka Ryuzaki and drag-queen "Bouillabaisse" at Bar Amarcord!

Mistress Asuka Ryuzaki will appear at Amarcord from her saloon [Kyoto Barbara]. Don't miss this chance!
Her dynamic rope-bondage and magical technique are great entertainment.

Asuka-sama recommended to invite "Bouillabaisse"because her drag-queen is always exciting.
I'm looking forward to seeing her.
Indulge in Asuka World, and taste some "Bouillabaisse"?
Have a fun night!

August 4(Mon), 12(Tue), 20(Wed), 28(Thu)
Hentai-Nagashi-Soumen Day!
As we do every years, Soumen (Japanese cold noodle), Kakigoori (crushed ice with fruits syrup) will be served.
Check last year's photos from here![Click here!]

Aug 5 (Tue)
Angelica & Yu's Birthday Party!
Sexy dynamite body Angie and Bar staff Yu's co-birthday party!

August 15 (Fri)
It's August! Let's Get Together!

Ghosts, Monsters, Zombies, ANYONE! Let'g get together freaks!
I wanted to have freaks night for long time!
Wearing Yukata, or costume is welcomed too!
Don't you wanna be a ghost?
With the help of gallery artists in Amarcord, we will organize a special night.
You can even see special effect makeup!

[fake-fantasy] is a group of young artists which is lead by D, Amarcord Gallary artist in May 2014.
They will display "Sutra body painting" It reminds me of the story of "Houich the Earless"...
20140728001fake (1)

And, a Japanese pattern artists [Kazuya Usui] will do collaboration with us during August!
Please check [Here] out

Surprisingly, this black pattern is hand-painted.
He can paint something based on your requests.
You can buy his works during August. Please come and see the powerful his artworks.
20140728001US_usui_4 (1)

Let's have some fun time as always!
If you are bored, go to Amarcord!

I'm sorry,recently I'm toooo busy.
So my staff help for me to translate...
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2 pin-up girls...and "Yukata" fair
It's rainy season in Japan now.
So much rain these days!

I'm frustrated that I can't wash my cloths and go take my dog on a walk.
However, I'm feeling excited mood in the society because of the World Cup in Brazil.

The best way to survive this humid season is seeing beautiful ladies' face and forget about the wetness. Today I introduce idol girls from [Bar AMARCORD]
The 2 ladies I'm introducing, [Rina Yuzuki] and [ Iori Sakai] are very important girls to AMARCORD. They also have other face as sexy pit babe and pin-up girl.

Rina Yuzuki is not only a cute girl but also a tough & strong woman who has guts. She got 10,000 follower on twitter recently. A few years ago I said (without any intention) "If a cute idol girl like Rina has good rope-bondage skill, that's so cool!" and she really made it come true. Now she is a famous rope-artists known all over the world.

Iori Sakai is also very cute and enthusiastic. She is way more powerful than normal boys! Now she is nominated on idol competition. Winner will be featured on a magazine. If you want to see her in gravure pin-up, vote for her! I can't wait to see the sexy adorable girl on magazine.


Summer will be coming soon after this rainy season.
Fire works, Tanabata Festa, Beer Garden...We got so much fun to do in summer!
And of course summer fashion! Summer Dress, Swim-Wear, and Yukata if you are in Japan!
At [Baby Doll Tokyo], you can order good Yukata from "Tsuki-Kage-Ya" on June 13 and 14!

I think Tsuki-Kage-Ya's Yukata are very special as their patterns are very avant-garde and cool.
If you want something to wear in fetish party, you can check them out.

This is so unique! Rope pattern yukata!
You can tie up someone, or be tied up in this yukata.

I took part some of their displaying.
The Master and The Slave!

Yukata patters of high-heels and rips are very fresh,
but their obi (belt for yukata) is lovely too. My favourite is snake pattern.
Of course they have yukata for men.
I really want men to wear them because it's so disappointing to see men who is too casual although ladies are in beautiful dress & make-up or costume

If you are in Japan, i recommend you to go to BABY DOLL!
If you aren't contact to BABY DOLL via email or phone.

Honestly, I don't like too hot weather...but I'd love to enjoy summer this year!
I wish you all have nice summer too!

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Event announcement in December 2013
I have many infomation from [BAR AMARUKORD].

3 Decmber(Wed)
Tonght,we will make a birthday party of [Rena Arisugawa] and [Mistress Pink].
They have in common,they have the same birthday month and they are rich in humanity.

Rena Arisugawa is flourished as mistress on SM DVD also.But she is a nice friendly person and very witty.
Pink is belong to SM club [Venus].
She has a sense of beauty and she maintains her figure through hard times and good times.
Let's have fun tonight!

20 December(Fri)
The final day of Mistress Rinko!

She is presidency of SM club [Venus].
She has helped for Bar AMARCORD since it opened.She gave a big help for us.
She is a beauty and brains mistress and she has a nice personality.
You can know soon why she is a popular mistress when you talk her.
Unfortunately...she will leave from Bar AMARCORD.Woe is me...
She will worked every Friday till 20 Decemver.20 December,it will the final day.
But don't worry,you can see her at SM club Venus.
Rinko is a good English speaker.

24 December(Tue)
We will make an annual event Chrismas Bingo.
Let's carry the bell!!

27 December(Fri)
Mistress Shiho Azuma Birthday!
She is Bellona and she has a presence,perfect mistress.She provides relief for slaves.
Let's celebrate together!!

31 December(Tue)
Let's bring in the new year together!
we have not yet determined what we do.But anyway,everybody gets off!

Year-end through New Year holidays
Bar AMARCORD : 1(Wed) - 5(Sun) January 2014
La Siora : Tuesday 31 December - Friday 3 January 2013
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Nice looking gay contest
Bartender "Ko" from 【Amarcord】,he appeared on TV a little while ago.
[waratte iitomo],this program is a favorite with young and old of both sexes.Everybody know this program.He appeared "onemen-contest” in this program.

Here,I have to explain about "onemen"...it's difficult for me...
First,about "ikemen"."ike" is a contraction of "iketeru".This meaning is "cool"and"nice looking"."men" is English.In short,"ikemen" is ”nice looking guy”.
And about "onemen"."one" is "oneesan",this meaning is "sister" and "miss".This word is for woman.But in this case,this meaning is "gay".
You got that?Yes,"onemen" is "nice looking gay contest".
Our bartender "Ko",he was win!!

Anyway...Japan is realy something.This program is broadcast at noon everyday,not night.
I found this movie at you tube.

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