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To our killingly lonesome members in 2015
This is the topic which all our dominas will write about.
I'm sorry for we rarely writing blogs in English.

"How was your 2015? How would you like your 2016 to be?"

My 2015 was an unpredictable year.
As if I was in a full of depravity...
Not, I was sloth.
And also I was in a rush.
I had a lot to do and so I couldn't do anything.
I was disappointed on my poor capasity.
To train myself, to have more capabilities,
I couldn't do any those.
Works which only I can do, Works which I do for the first time,
My brain was always stuck.
I wasn't really able to work for BDSM.

The same as my past years,
I had a great fortune of having great people.
How many times I felt about it?
On the other hand, I had to meet nasty filthy people too.
Even I was trying to avoid them, I would have to relate with them.
"how boring you are..." I thought.
But I understood why they'd thought that way.
Lonesome people cling to.
And the way they do is making them even more lonely.
They don't know how to be liked by people.
Even if anything I say, they can't become honest.
Unfortunately, the behavour of theirs,
let them even more lonely at the end.

I was looking for how to blow their loneliness away, through BDSM,
and, I surrendered.
Someone becomes selfish, someone talks only his brighted past years.
I don't want none of them.
If I synpathise him, he becomes even worse.
I've learnt that I have to have a division.
If we cannot be too kind to him, then don't do anything.

I think loneliness makes people worse.
When we don't have enough time to face people,
how could we cope with the loneliness?

I like being alone too.
Without careing about anything, do what I want to do.
That't why I like travelling around.
I'm not good at language, but it's fun too when I don't understand
100% my turn.
If there's a PERFECT slave, I might want him,
but still I would see how his personality is.
(Dogs are perfect for me!)

However, I know why I like being alone.
Because I have many loving friends.
They often invite me parties.
If I go all of it, I'd die.
That's why I can say I like being alone.
If I am really totally alone, I will never be able to say it.
So I always appriciate my friends, for having me, for entertaining me.
I will entertain back to my friends.

I would like to keep having my friends, this enviroment I'm in,
and keep playing hard!
I hope the lonesome people would feel the same...
That was what I thought in 2015.
I will write about 2016 another time.

I you have any requests for us to write about,
please mail La Siora.

I'm sorry,I couldn't translate by myself.
The snd of year in Japan,we are busy...
we have to do a big housecleaning and etc...!!

Have a good slave life!
Soyez de bon soumis!

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Fetish costume for men
Today,I have about fetish costume infomation.

"2013 Holiday Season fair" is opening at [Baby Doll Tokyo].
(Sorry,they have only Japanese website.)

At fetish party in Japan,men in fetish costume are not much.
And many men said "I don't know where I can buy it."If you live in Tokyo and you'd like to buy,it's true that you lost shopping.You are able to buy it via the internet,but you might rather try on for size.
There are fetish costume for men at Baby Doll Tokyo now.

Patrice Catanzaro from France.
(limited time offer:till Monday)

I have some dress of Patrice Catanzar.SEXY!!

Peter Domenie from Holland.
(*not limited time offer)
Aactually,I made a purchase,the first time it is imported to Japan.

Please go to Baby Doll if you have time.
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My slave's retirement 3
My update was late because I went to Kyoto.I'm sorry.
In this year,it is late blooming realy.So I couldn't see flower in full bloom.
But Kyoto is lovely city every time.

Bottom slave Y have to go back to a distant home.
But I wanted to make a toast,so I invited him to some bar.

I raised a glass to Y.
It had two motives of Good work today and work up until the official retirement age.

"I wanted to hear by somebody You did good job."

Y settled down and raised a family but his family didn't thank very a few for his stay with the company until retirement.
He had a gentle tongue and few words but he taled about his family and upbringing passionately.
It is first time that we talked about without BDSM very much.

I half expected about him,so I didn't ask to him because I didn't need.I didn't need to talk together.
And I known very well he was in a pressure cooker.As a matter of fact,I thought as much when I heard a talk of him.

He could get rid of reality only in BDSM world.
He have took a grip on hisself for as long as he can remember.He got scared in oppression and stress.
He was a good at studies and he got that job he wanted.
But he met obstacles on his job.Social systems taked hope away from his,His hope was changed to hangover.

Y wanted only this word "You done good."from someone.
And he wanted to say"You done good"to someone.
He wanted to treat people just like one wants to be treated,no more and no less.He had sound mind.
But social systems took him out of such simple thing.

I know very well than ever before why he likes in position of the bottom slave.
The bottom slave don't have slave under him.So he can do more people pleasure.
And he can get this word "You done good."more.
For this,he go out of his way to be the bottom slave.
BDSM is unproductiveness and torturously-complicated.
He wants to actual sensation.

...It's BDSM.
But actually,coveted things is a simple and easily understandable surprisingly.
We are required to produce results in the society.
To cherish the process is more small than we expected in the society.

I think well of things in BDSM world.
What a very small people who copped it by right or praised by right!
If you will become a mother and father for the future,I hope you done in the right way.

About bottom slave Y,I will send you on a roller-coaster ride thoroughly from hell.loool
It is last time,I speak to you as you are s human.

You done good!
Good work until the age of retirement!

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My slave's retirement 2
This happened,and that happened...continuation.

The day before yesterday,I played with my"bottom slave Y" at [Alpha-in] in Roppongi.
Domina Nana played there also as it happens at that time,so we booked double dominas for a short time.
Bottom slave Y would meet Nana for the first time.
So I made a bondage and fancied up to his body.He were a worthy slave being.
And I tethered him at the door.

Bottom slave Y introduced himself to Nana"I'm the bottom slave of Rie's."
When he says "I'm bottom slave",he looks really pleased.
He is not physical-hard masochist but he is a hard masochist in a different field.
It is pleasure for him to be my another slaves.
He does anything...he can obey dominas or masters, women or men. He can have sex with men,he can be toilet for men...He does anything for he knows himself as much about"I'm a bottom slave".
He said"I want to do it by order of Domina Rie, I'm your bottom slave."
But I think that he does anything if I didn't give order.

Only when they are thrown into the abyss of despair, I think about what is happiness for them. But I stopped it because it is annoyingly meddlesome to butt in difference in value and SM-play.

They are something seriously wrong and locust, pure within,if not so you can not be like them.
It is a kind of talent.It is a kind of talent.

Many people are looking for their position.
In a way,slaves try to find their own position is normal.
They have a goal in mind to be slave.
They know very well how pleasure is attained.
They know vaguely who they are, so they look for right position.
People who don't know who they are are poor.

This time, bottom slave Y got his "new" sights lined up when we played with Domina Nana.
It is "deep-throat training".

"You have to ram it home even if you suffer.
I'm no concern of your bitter.If you can progress quickly,I will give you real cock."

We found a new game after our two-decade-old relationship.loool
Bottom slave Y looked happy because he can get a new game.
It is a difficult for me.
But I felt a thrill go through when I think about it.

We went a bar after this session.
...To be continue...

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My slave's retirement
The day before yesterday,I played with my slave.
To be exact,I played with my "the bottom slave".
I didn't name him,my slave named hisself.He say he can not obey summons and not of very much use.
Because he lives far away.

First time we met, I was a baby domina.It is really a long time ago but the time pasts like a heartbeat.He have lived far way from the era down to modern times.
I have been doing long-term relationship with many slaves since I was baby domina.
Some slaves still continue to be my slaves,some slaves became friends.
(It is rare,but I became with friends with thier wifes...)

I have been busy over the years so it is rare for me to play.
Sometime,I have to cancel even I made agreements with them.
It is a big stress for me to come in late or cancel agreements in the last minute.
Time is of the essence for me, and so is for every men.

I made one day for my " the bottom slave".(His name is "Y".)
My days off of the month are only 2 days.
When I'm in Japan,I can not take a total day off. Because I love my job.
But I go to gym in spare moments from my work.And when I want to get a rest,I make time to get away from Tokyo.
(I go to Kyoto in every spring and autum.)

I made one day for my bottom slave Y from my busy schedule.
But he canceled it!He made the move first.He is in quality of the bottom slave!
I have no alternative but to make time on another day.But I did not thought of punishing.
I rather thought of doing whatever it takes to make a day off.

"This is the retirement gift for myself."

I have to make a day available.But retirement...wait, you are 60 yet?
60 years old...We will never know what will happen to him because many of his family and kins die early.
I should make a plenty of time under such a time.

<< To be continue >>
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