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It was a lot of fun in October!
I had a lot of time with charmers in October!!

At tango private party of famous Japanease actress[ Aya Sugimoto ].
It is the third or quarter for me to join this party.
My good friend,Miss Milano did the costumes in her movie.

Miss Aya Sukimoto is very beautiful and sexy.
And she has versatile ability and she is flourished as lingerie designer also.
Of course,it's my favorite lingerie.

Next,Birthday Party of my best friend's who is a former idol and a former photographer was held on the middle of October.
I took a rap cake and fresh cream on the face of people.
Of course,I was victim also.
I don't mind to put cakes-cream on my face until get back my home cause of happy cakes!
...I'm sorry...no photo...

Another day.
He is opera singer,Mr.[ Yoshikazu Mera ].
He sang theme song of movie [ Princess Mononoke ].

We visited restaurant for dinner with a group of friends.
He had a good posture during dinner.
That's why,his body makes singing with beautiful voice.

This is wise saw on the day.
"Form is important for singing.
Baseball player are able to throw a ball at away.
because their form are right.
It's same as singer. "

I'd like to be deserve a new look about basics,formal beauty and traditions.

He is Mr.Tadashi Kaneko,kickboxer and sports stretch trainer.
And he is business manager of sports stretch gym [ SSS ] and trainer of Miss Aya Sugimoto also.
A lot of energy!

I went to his birthday party.
He is really great!
I have respect for him.
Because he is able to pragmatize what his thought.

Our table.
Manga artist Miss[ Erika Sakurazawa ]and Miss[ Moyoko Anno ].
Kimono coordinator Miss[ Mami Kisaragi ].
DJ and Singer Miss [ Rieko Teramoto ].
Muay Thai champion Miss[ Atsuko Okada ]
Men:Dr.Yano and "browser" Mr.Moto.

My good friend,Miss Milano Midorikawa from [ Baby Doll Harajuku ],charisma of Japanese Gothic.

I am shy of strangers contrary to what you might think,
so I don't want to make my own network of contacts and become stereotyped.
She pulls out me from my shell.
And I don't remember people's names and face,name and position of shop and restaurant,title of movie and book... all small details also.
Sometimes it is difficult for me to get to place my have ever been.
I am able to get to destination at her hand.

I was given power by everybody.
I'd like to run out the rest of 2009,two months!

Today is Halloween!!
Do you have Halloween cookie?
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