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Amarcord Carnival !!
"Amarcord Carnival" was finish.

Our Gallery Bar "Amarcord" makes event
"Amarcord Carnival"every Saterday
in celebration of the opening of the bar!

How you spend time Saturday night?

With your darling?
Oh dear,you work a leftover and weekend?
Why?don't you mind if you get up lonely in Sunday morning?

In carnival night,
Someone who dring all over the place at the town.
With music and comfortable,ittle babble of voice.
Fleeting,I've joined a piece of my life with someone.

It doesn't matter even if you'll had like I said,just one...
To add an accessories than daily,
To change the bright color of shirt than daily,

Why don't you come and enjoy at AMARCORD?


Only Saturdays/male 3,000yen female 2,000 free-drink
(Except Champagne bottle)
We are going to taking place carnivl of AMARCORD for a while.
It's quit if you guys won't join us!
Can't making carnival wityout people!

Peacefully on weekdays,a little bubbles over on Saturdays.
We AMARCORD could offer,create you like 2types night-time.


27(Wed)24h00 CLOSED
LINO /English speaker

28(Thu)24h00 CLOSED
ANGIE /English and Chinese speaker

29(Fri)04h00 CLOSED
RINKO /English speaker
KOGURE /English speaker
AYA /English speaker

30(Sat)04h00 CLOSED
KEI /Chinese speaker
CO /English speaker

Regular holiday
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