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Lady Mitsouko

My club [ domina school LA SIORA]have two baby dominas.
One of domias [ Domina Mitsouko ] is a good English speaker and she start her English blog.
Click here!![ Lady Mitsouko ]

I gave this name to her.
This name"Mitsouko"is extra-special name.
I called after Japanease lady[ Mitsouko Aoyama ] and [ perfume "Mitsouko" ].
I decided to give this name for domina who is interested in international action.
This nane is fair on intelligent and strong Japanese women.

I wanted this name when I was a baby domina.
But I stopped to name "Mitsouko" because it was not match for me.
It was too graet name for me.
This was a really special name so I kept this name long time.

By the way...
Which perfume do you like?
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