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Crazy night looool
Last night,
We had a birthday party to Ahiho and Ruiko from [La Siora] at my bar [AMARCORD].

Serina and Hibiki from【Pink crystal】,they joined this party!!

It was a crazy night and we had a nice time!
Ahiho and Ruiko had fun to champagne shower with 3 slaves.
I never saw champagne shower for real so,I requested to them!!

I'm light drinker.
Moderate alcohol consumption is 2 or 3 glass of champagne for me but I drank more last night.
I have partial loss of memory last night because I was getting tired.
It is rare...it is 2 or 3 times in my life...

At any rate...
Thank you for join us last night!!
And I'm sorry because I didn't give good service in crowded bar.
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