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Countdown event @ Bar Amarcord
Today is a new year's eve.
My Bar [Bar AMARCORD]is opening tonight!
We give presents "Toshikoshi soba" and [zouni]for our customer tonight.

This is "Toshikoshi soba".

...My Goose is cooked.
About "Toshikoshi soba" is unwritten on Wikipedia...I guess I have no choice,I have to write myself.

"Toshikoshi soba"this meaninn is "year-crossing noodles".Japanease,we eat it on every New Year's Eve.
"Toshikoshi soba" must be eaten before January 1st,be eaten before midnight.
It is old customs and bringer of good luck,charming sights of year-end.
I don't know surely why we eat "Toshikoshi soba".
Someone says...
Noodles is long and thin,so make a wish for live a long, frugal life,be quite well when we eat "Toshikoshi soba" on New Year's Eve.
Some people also say eating the thin noodles can help dispel the evils of the past year.

This is [zouni].

Japanease,we do a big housecleaning at the end of the year.
But I couldn't do it till today in the homestretch.
I started housecleaning this evening and finished it an hour ago!

2010 have only an hour.
It is short but it is long by some definition.
I do everything possible in this time.
Many people think Rie is a workaholic.
These things just happen.I love my work.I'm doing what I love to do.

But I need a long time to write English...hmm...Time is wasting away.
Now I have only 30 min.

I wish everyone good luck for the coming year.

*Year-end through New Year holidays
My salon[Le Donjon] 30th Dec(Thu) - 5th Jan(Wed) 2011
[La Siora] 31st Dec(Fri) - 4th Jan(Tue) 2011
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