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SOS!Fukushima Plant's No. 3 Reactor

As you know,Japan has an atomic accident .
First earthquake,second Tsunami,third atomic accident,fourth no potential leader in Japan...Japanese had a new crop of controversies.
It was just like to open a Pandora's box.

I was in Paris when an earthquake came.
I didn't have jet lag in my body and brain,but I have jet lag in news.
So my firend [Yumiko @ bar Eureka] showed me some movie on YouTube.
Now many Actual Tsunami movie has updated.
It was literally disaster,We watched it till 7am morning...!!

At this late date,Todentu Corporation issued SOS signals to France.
Now I checked this news and found it n Yahoo news.
But I knew it from foreigners.
France media made the first move about this news before Japan media.
Why!Why did I knew it from abroad before home country report?
Oh,well...I am not inclined to believe news,so I turn on TV a few time in a year.

France is country which has more Atomic than Japan.
And France know nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl abd have specialized scientist.
Fukushima Plants No.3 reactor bought plutonium in France,in 1999 I believe.
France makes advances atomic research in their studies,and they have an experience to fight pollution of Chernobyl catastrophe.

26th March,Todentu Corporation appealed to France that atomic industry for support.
But it is too late!It is two weeks past.
All that time,they gave out information bit by bit and went back on all each time.
We wanted to know truth about radiation leak and everythings.
We won't get panics for it now.
But the least you should have to evacuate children and pregnant woman from contaminated territory.
Don't you think We eventually jeopardize a future if We harming the children?
If it become reality ,Who accede our BDSM?

Who did say "Japan's atomic is excellence"?
Third part of them have not in anticipation of flooding from tsunami.
It's like just uncoated rain shoes.

I check this site for getting the right piece of information.(English/Japanese)

This site have update News that Atomic news in France translate into Japanese.
[France media news]

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