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Bar AMARCORD 3 Oct(Mon)-9 Oct(Sun)

I'm sorry,I'm staying at Europe now.
So I am not able to update Bar AMARCORD schedule.
Please check [Japanase Bar AMARCORD schedule] and click blue triangle.
You are able to check alphabetized staff name.

If you have some question,please call us.
English speaking bartender CO works 20h00-04h00 Monday to Friday.
Thank you for your understanding.

The above schedule is at [Bar AMARCORD].
*It is subject to variation which please note.
Member's salon[Le Donjon]
Domina school[La Siora]
*If you'd like to know La Siora domina's schedule,please click [here]!
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- My favorite -
Wolf / Moon / Autumn and Winter / Lether / Rubber / Hat / Glove / Whip / Street performance / Circus

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