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Rock'n noel
I took many photod but I couln't update on this blog.
I was overwhelmed by my busy schedule...I'd like to have relaxed time next year.
My workload isn't that heavy,it's just that I don't have an efficient work system.
So I have to review the priority ranking of my schedule...and if I share my time properly,I could do a lot of things.
It is my New Year’s resolution.

Well...I took this photos at Galeries Lafayette in Paris last visit.Soooo Kawaii!!
This year theme is “Moel Rock'N MODE”.
Model is Iggy Pop

Girls are busy before every party and vacation.
It is same anywhere in the world.

Gothic Lolita.It is popular now.
It is written "Shinjuku" on this photo,but thier birthplace is "Harajyuku".

Chanel airline?

Rock is in style this year.
I have see nice clothes and goods,bags and shoes in the motif of skull everywhere.
I think nothing of fashion usually but I get with it a little this year.


Dear our customers,

There are only two days left in this year.
I would like to take a moment to say thank you for the support you have given us throughout the year.
We wish you the best this holiday season and look forward to continuing our close relationship in the year 2012.

Best wishes.

[La Siora]
We will early closing on 30 Dec(Fri).
Telephone receptionist/12:45-20:30
Last session start/20:00
Year-end through New Year holidays:New Year's Eve(Sat)-3 January(Tue)

[Bar Amarcord]
We will open New Year's Eve and make countdown event.
Year-end through New Year holidays:New Year's Eve(sun)-4 January(Wed)

[Le Donjon]
We will open till tonight.
Year-end through New Year holidays:New Year's Eve(sun)-3 January(Tue)
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