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Usual day in La Siora and alcohol
I have updated photos and comment of guest domina [Amria].
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We have some easy rules at our office in [La Siora].
One of rules,we have to fill in the names on plastic bottles.
For exmple...
Ruiko write "悪(bad)" on it.
She likes play on words.
Her name is Ruiko but she made family name"Wa",so her name was be "Wa-Ruiko"."和ルイ子"=(悪い子)This meaning is a bad girl.
So she write her name"悪(bad)".
Wowwww,I have a feel it is not good for health.

Not only that.She played on words more one.
Her blog title is "kuruikou".This meaning is "crazy" and "implore".You love like crazy and implore for your loved one.
She mask her name in her blog title."kuruikou"→"ku-ruiko-u".Funny, huh?
*****I'm sorry,It is hard to explain for me...I will ask for good English speaker and give a facelift to this word play in a few day.

I use his opportunity to ordinaries of life more one.
We get often oody infomation from La Siora member.

Yogurt beans and mayonnaise Japanese rice crackers.
Many dominas dieted thierself at that time but it was gone soon.
I don't like mayonnaise too much but it was a very good!!

[Shinobu]'s girl friend came to our office and brought her favorite champagne bottle.
Henri Giraud / Fut de Chene Ay Grand Cru

After work,we drank it together.
When she pull out the cork,it gave out smell of roses.It travelled to the brain.
We felt elegant and good taste.
Unfortunately,we don't have champagne flute in our office...we commited a breach of etiquette for this good champane.

I go on alcohol topic.
Last night,I went to bar with [Serina] from [Pink Crystal],and our new domina [Sayuri] and slave.

At this bar,we can drink champagne of Christian Louboutin high-heeled-glass.
So I have wanted to go to this bar when I got this infomation.
Sayuri and a high-heeled-glass.

It is like a kiss of high-heel.

I got clear photo from the Internet.

We drank an interesting wine at this bar.
"Mazo Bastille"
It was good also!

After we went to [Le Donjon] and [Bar Amarcord].
I met regular customers there and talked together about recent BDSM.I received a hint from them at that time.Only slave could do that!
I had my mind for a year but I settled it in a wink!!

I came back soon and started to work.So I'm tired now but only body,my head is clear.
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