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My slave's retirement 2
This happened,and that happened...continuation.

The day before yesterday,I played with my"bottom slave Y" at [Alpha-in] in Roppongi.
Domina Nana played there also as it happens at that time,so we booked double dominas for a short time.
Bottom slave Y would meet Nana for the first time.
So I made a bondage and fancied up to his body.He were a worthy slave being.
And I tethered him at the door.

Bottom slave Y introduced himself to Nana"I'm the bottom slave of Rie's."
When he says "I'm bottom slave",he looks really pleased.
He is not physical-hard masochist but he is a hard masochist in a different field.
It is pleasure for him to be my another slaves.
He does anything...he can obey dominas or masters, women or men. He can have sex with men,he can be toilet for men...He does anything for he knows himself as much about"I'm a bottom slave".
He said"I want to do it by order of Domina Rie, I'm your bottom slave."
But I think that he does anything if I didn't give order.

Only when they are thrown into the abyss of despair, I think about what is happiness for them. But I stopped it because it is annoyingly meddlesome to butt in difference in value and SM-play.

They are something seriously wrong and locust, pure within,if not so you can not be like them.
It is a kind of talent.It is a kind of talent.

Many people are looking for their position.
In a way,slaves try to find their own position is normal.
They have a goal in mind to be slave.
They know very well how pleasure is attained.
They know vaguely who they are, so they look for right position.
People who don't know who they are are poor.

This time, bottom slave Y got his "new" sights lined up when we played with Domina Nana.
It is "deep-throat training".

"You have to ram it home even if you suffer.
I'm no concern of your bitter.If you can progress quickly,I will give you real cock."

We found a new game after our two-decade-old relationship.loool
Bottom slave Y looked happy because he can get a new game.
It is a difficult for me.
But I felt a thrill go through when I think about it.

We went a bar after this session.
...To be continue...

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