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I stopped to update this blog since middle of May because I had flood damage in La Siora office and I was busy.So I couldn't update.
I restart slowly because I finished this problem.
But many leather tools and dresses for transvestites have damaged. So now we are getting new one.

On middle of June,I came to Europe with Shinobu, Ukyo from La Siora and Rina and Riko from Bar AMARCORD.
Now they are in Tokyo but I'm still in Paris now.
Last week it was not hot, I put on shirts with long sleeves.
But today, it was burning hot!!
Yesterday was also...in this week, it have been hot all the day...I have a poor appetite because of the heat...
I checked a news, the hightest temperature is 38.5℃ in Japan!! It is hot in Japan also!!

Please be careful of your helth!
Prenez soin de votre sante!
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