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Celebrities who look similar?-Nana-
Recently, I'm writing about celebrities who look similar to La Siora Dominas.
Since most of the celebrities I mention are Japanese actresses, maybe you all don't know who they are. But I post the pictures of the actresses, so that might help you to imagine how the mistresses look.

First,I have an update about [Nana] from [La Siora].

Last summer, I saw this poster at the Shinjuku-san-chome station.
When I saw it, I thought..."What?! Nana?"
Nana favours this model really!!
Nana look younger and her face is smaller though.
Nina herself also said that this lady in the poster is looking similar to her the most.

She favours Japanese actress [Saya Takagi] also.
The lady in the poster + Saya Takagi = Nana, I guess.

Although she has very kind side, she enjoying teasing and making slaves suffer so much.
She has right amount of poison in herself.
In addition, she has amazing big boobs.
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