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Domina Tamaki
As Mistress Ryuzaki Asuka from Kyoto BarBara informed on her blog, Mistress Tamaki Kagura has just passed out.
Mistress Yumiko from a BDSM saloon "The Eureka" also wrote blog about this sad news.
We can see how much she was loved by everyone.

This is the picture of her when she was on the front page of BDSM magazine "Sniper EVE"

When I heard that news first time, I was like "No kidding!". "Some people do like rootless rumors..." "This is not very funny!"

I hope this is some kind of mistake.
If so, I can just say to her "What was going on!? Please watch out!"
Then Tamaki-chan would simply say, with her western-Japanese accent, "Sorry..."
Then everything should have been over.

I have once preached her with Yumiko from The Eureka and even slaves.
We just couldn't leave her alone.
She truly was the lovable one.
Everyone loved her.
She was a kind of girl you wish she were your younger sister.
Several years ago she sent us a bouquet for La Siora's anniversary.
I heart this aspect of her while such a lovely blunderer we couldn't take our eyes off.

I don't know what to write here.
Please only remember her good and fun memories.

My deepest sympathy.

If you would like to sent a letter to mistress Tamaki Kagura,
Please send it to "The Eureka"or"AMARCORD."
If you are around please visit The Eureka to talk about her memories.
You can send us a letter to AMARCORD, the addressee is Rie Asagiri.

S3 building 1F 2-18-7 Shinjuku Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
TEL: (03)6457-7477

If you lived in Kansai area, please contact to "Kyoto BarBara."
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