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Holiday for us
Although I heard so many times that there tend to be many problems happening when you are working at a place where has only women workers, La Siora people are having very nice and mild relationship with each other. Of course sometimes one has small issue like everyone does because we are all different, but basically we have nice atmosphere here I guess. I fell great flow of the energy when everyone's curiosity and humor go to the same direction.
However, since we all work in turn, it is very rare that we all can get together and share good time with everybody. So, we decided to close the club for a day and have a party for everyone in La Siora.

On November 17th, La Siora will be closed. Only Phone/e-mail reception will be available from 12:45-18:00 pm. We'd appreciate your understanding. We will have good time and be back with more energy!

Nov 17 (Sat) Reception Only 12:45-18:00
Dec 31(Sun) ~ Jan 4 (Fri) Closed for new year Holiday

Rie Asagiri & La Siora Staff
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