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Hi,I'm in Paris.
The Christmas lights are beautiful!I love this season!

This is month gallery @ AMARCORD.
Beauty Calligrapher

Started learning Japanese Calligraphy under a master Kei-ka (圭花) since she was 4 years old.
In 2000, Got a full mastership conferred and her pen name "Kei-shun".
In 2007, based on the collaboration of her experience in the street and her calligraphy skill, established her original performance "Nyotai-Shodou, Nantai-Shodou" which means female body calligraphy and men body calligraphy. That is also called "NUDE Calligraphy show".
She is considering that passing Japanese tradition down to posterity with her unique performance is her mission as a calligraphy artist and an entertainer.
As a calligraphy artist, she had designed logos for JRA (Japan Horse Racing Association), music industry, martial arts industry, fashion industry, politicians, show business world, food industry and so on.
She also makes collaboration works with Japanese artists and artists from foreign country and is spreading arts her works to Asia and Europe.
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