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Berlin Fetish Ball
I came back to Paris from Berlin on Sunday.
In paris,it has been chilley days.Not infrequently,I saw people who put on dawn jackets...it's cold in May!But in Berlin,it was hot!Almost people weared on short sleeves.

I couldn't join main event of [Belrin Fetish Ball] on Sunday but I joined on Saturday.
I met [Mistress Xara] from [AVALON] there.Last summer,some La Siora dominas saw her session for thier training.She is a wonderful mistress!
Of course,I met [Domina Nina] also.She is having first experience as guest domina at Avalon.She is living a full life at Avalon but it will finish soon.I am sure,she wants to stay more in Berlin,Avaln.

I meet also [Mistress Amrita].Speaking of Japanese mistress,she is Amrita!
She made a performanc with cute Japansese girl.
Middle of June,Mistress Amrita will visit Japan and help for [Bar AMARCORD] as special guest.You can see her in Japan,You can see her in Japan,here your chance!


Je suis aller a Berlin le week-end.
A Paris il faisait si froid.Mais a Berlin il a fait si froid.
Je suis aller a soiree Belrin Fetish Ball le samdi.J'ai recontre maitresse Xara.(Club Avalon)
Bien sur,j'ai vu Nina(La Siora) et meitresse Amrita.
Meitresse Amrita a fait la performance avec jolie japonaise.
C'etait bien,ce soir!
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