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Nice looking gay contest
Bartender "Ko" from 【Amarcord】,he appeared on TV a little while ago.
[waratte iitomo],this program is a favorite with young and old of both sexes.Everybody know this program.He appeared "onemen-contest” in this program.

Here,I have to explain about "onemen"...it's difficult for me...
First,about "ikemen"."ike" is a contraction of "iketeru".This meaning is "cool"and"nice looking"."men" is English.In short,"ikemen" is ”nice looking guy”.
And about "onemen"."one" is "oneesan",this meaning is "sister" and "miss".This word is for woman.But in this case,this meaning is "gay".
You got that?Yes,"onemen" is "nice looking gay contest".
Our bartender "Ko",he was win!!

Anyway...Japan is realy something.This program is broadcast at noon everyday,not night.
I found this movie at you tube.

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