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Party Party Party!!
Ruiko will start working at femdom saloon [Eureka] in Ikebukuro!
Eureka is very unique and fun place.
Yumiko-san is very nice person that I'm sure you can have good time!

By the way, don't forget about the fetish bar [Amarcord] where I produced ;)
We have "Free Nagashi Somen (water sliding somen-noodle)" and shaved ice for you all as we do every year there.

Next, I'd like to inform you all about the party this weekend!

"80's" is now big revived movement all over the world.
I thought this booming is just about music industry, but figured out that there is a big wave of 80's in fashion world too. I was surprised when I saw Jean-Paul GAULTIER featured that movement because I didn't think 80's is that popular today.

So... the theme of next "Tokyo Decadance" is 80's!!!

MOREOVER, it's birthday of the mysterious party organizer Adrian!
That French guy knows about Japanese people and even Japanese tax system better than me. Maybe I should call him an alien! Let's celebrate his special day together!

[Party info]
[Ticket info]

More one party will on the day.

[Deco-INFAMOUS collection]
INFAMOUS is a fetish magazin.Fetish people in Tokyo,they know this magazin.
This publisher will organize a party on 20th July,from 22h00.
You have fun thing to do at this paety!

How's everyone doing? I'm bit worn out by heat in Tokyo.
I need more stamina to get over this summer!
I'll go out and get ready for going to the gym regularly again!

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