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Tohka's info and more...

Just now,I got call from [Thoka].
She had a light minor collision with bicycle and got a hairline fracture in a bone of foot.(T.T)
At that time,she thougt it's no problem so she didn't ask for the bicyclist about contact information...

She gets rest in this week.
Please make inquiries from Thursday in this week about appointment after next week(from 2nd May).
But..."I want to see Lady Thoka during Golden Week holidays!!I don't need domina in high-heeled shoes." (She is putting in plaster.)Please contact.

This photo is shooting in last year.
This shooting was first time for Thoka.
A dog didn't take his place so...
Lady Thoka is very angry with the dog and bicyclist!!


As I write about [The past and the present of BDSM], the topic got sidetracked.
Please excuse me, I am not good at expressing in words.
But when I write things like this, there is always some M gentlemen that gives me a great comments, and I will be like "that's what I wanted to say!"
So that becomes a good lesson for me too.
Those comments came in handy for meetings as well, as a reference material.
That's said, let me continue what I was writing.

A "swelled-headed domina in a golden egg" is always fighting.
Sometimes with M gentlemen,
or sometimes struggling with herself.
She is still in an egg,
she does't know where to direct her arrow,
and the arrow she shot within the shell can shoot herself.
It is quite interesting to watch the scene.
And that makes me wanna cheer and support her.
With the idea like this in his mind, M gentlemen might be waiting for the egg to hatch

I have seen various dominas, not limited to La Siora.
Not-so-great dominas surely say
"is it because I did it too much so he won't come see me again?"
Then the M gentleman heard it said,
"I'll sure come see you more if you did too much!
As long as it hits the spot."

That's the thing, the spot.
M gentlemen are really funny.
"Please, do as mistress XX want (as long as I can tolerate.)"
Just like that, they have many hidden lines.
The unspoken words in their heart.
Sometimes I just want to be malicious, even though completely knowing the hidden lines.
But through multiple adjustments, the hidden line will vanish...or rather, it changes.

Most of the "swelled-headed domina in a golden egg" know, somewhere in her heart, those various hidden lines.
Is this called she has good "sense"?
Already equipped the sense, they keep fighting.
I think that's the difference from the mere "swelled-headed domina."
There is a saying M gentlemen raise a domina up,
that may be about raising her up through struggling and adjustments.

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