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We had a meeting on 18th June.
Thank you for letting us to have holiday on June 18 (Wed) for our meeting.
If you were planning to have a session that day, I'm sorry.

I spend days to prepare for the meeting, but had to revise papers a few hours before the meeting starts.
I made it harsh a little although I thought someone might want to quit because of the meeting.

Dominas who had been in La Siora for years said,
"Our meetings used to be more severe!"
"You should make it harder!"
(Hooray our strong women!)
But, considering that everyone has different personality, I cannot do it in same way with all the dominas. It is true that young girls are very vulnerable and easy to be shocked these days.
(but of course there are many mentally tough girls, too)
To guide everyone in their best way, I have to figure it out how to face with each mistress.

With the 17 years history of La Siora, I met many many people.
Therefore, I think I know how much I should say and where I should let it go.
Maybe it's similar to the case when I have SM sessions and try to find out the border of pain and pleasure.

Baby domina Misty is a strong lady and she is so active and passionate for BDSM recently.
I think she long for BDSM with all of her heart. I had received very nice reputations about her in the fetish party "Addiction" enjoying sessions.

I had relatively harsh meeting this time. I'm sorry if someone would want to leave La Siora because the meeting was too hard. Please think that's my fault if someone quits.
I think some of them can be big-bloomed if they can improve little more things. I had to let them notice what they need to survive as a domina. That's why I tried to be a scary chairman there. (I tried to be as easy as possible though!) I have to be very serious as I tell dominas to be serious. You all want skilled & attractive mistresses, right?

"BDSM club style is old-fashioned. Casual SM is more popular now!"
I sometimes hear something like that.
But my opinion is different. I know so many gentlemen are still looking for the best mistress for them.
I want to say there is no difference between session in club and what they call "casual BDSM".
Mistresses have to be very flexible and good at communication. If there is a lady who is beautiful, enthusiastic and open-minded, she will be wonderful mistress no matter where she is.
That's slave's choice, as there are always popular mistresses and un-popular ones any club or dungeon. It's not about style but who the mistress is.

Some customers think domina is easy job and they can make a lot of money, but it's not that easy to work in BDSM culture.
Dominas are not supposed to show off how much efforts they make, but I guarantee La Siora ladies are always doing their best.
Please keep watching us!
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