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Do you know Mr.Akechi?And Liona have left from La Siora.
Baby Domina Liona have left from La Siora.
She worked La Siora in a short time.But she met many good slave.
Thank you for supporting for her.

She has main business line and she have busy.But she decided to come back to BDSM world and she selected La Siora as her comeback place.
But more recently she will relocate overseas on her main business line so she is not able to go on La Siora.
I pray for her continued success on her business.
Well....I hope she goes to your city and...I hope you meet her as your domina.lol


Do you know [ Mr.Denki Akechi ]?
He was very famous rope artist and he made many Japanese rope show abroad.
He went to his final rest in July 2005.So in this July,many fetish and BDSM people wrote about Mr.Akechi's memory on their face book and blog...etc...

I keep his sunglasses as a memento.This sunglasses is wonder.
Mr.Akechi gave off a strange aura also but his sunglasses is also.lol

Mr.Akech went to Den-haag in Holland for Japanese rope show.At that time,I was in Den-haag also because my favorite BDSM club in Den-haag,I went to go there.And coincidentally we met.
I saw his Japanese rope show twice in a week by good fortune .(at this BDSM club and fetish event.)
In my life,I saw bestest Japanese rope show at this time.It was the first time and the last time.I never be able to forget...
When it was finished,all audience stopped.No body didn't move,like a freeze-frame.After then,they gave him a cheer.

After his return home,I went to the BDSM club in Den-haag again.
I kept his sunglasses from this BDSM club because Mr.Akechi forgot his sunglasses.
But he passed away before I handed over his sunglasses.

I forgot his sunglass in the seas of time.One day,this sunglasses came on.
This day was first anniversary of his death.
From that time,every year,his sunglasses come on in every July,around anniversary of his dearh.In this July is also.

Knowing Mr.Akechi people,even if they met him only one time,they felt an affinity with him,like a close friend.
Mr.Akechi was wonder for me,I felt uncanny feeling than affinity.

But now,when his sunglasses come on every time,I feel like a affinity.

I'm sorry,this translation was toooo difficult for me.
I have corrected on next Monday and I will update again.
Have a good week-end!
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