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Infomation from Bar AMARCORD
OMG!!!My computer is broken!!!!!!!
I have update infomation from Bar [AMARCORD].

Event info
19 Dec(Fri)
Mistress Shiho Azuma Birthday
25 Dec(Thu)
Christmas party

Gallery of this March


A painter from Japan.
He had been working as a illustrator for 25 years, started to create works featuring fetishism recently and designed original hand towels and Japanese cloth (Furoshiki) for a rope bondage artist Go Arisue.
His painting of cars such as Japanese classic car, muscle car and hot rod are regarded worldwide.

At Fiji-Sankei group's advertisement competition, he got one of the magazine awards in creative department in 2014.

His creativeness is based on 70's original punk culture in London and NY, Neo-rockabilly, Hot Rod, Custom culture, John Willy, and Bondage Arts.

He picks a French Juvenile literature artist Tomi Ungerer as his favorite.

"Drawing is Living"

[Ozizo web]

Carrie Empire

born on May 2nd, residents of neighboring town
Gothic,Punk,Fetish illustrator/artist who loves music and movie.
She starting painted as long as she remember,kick her career into gear on beggining of 2010.

More info...
[Carrie Empire web]
[Carrie Empire twitter]
[My Space]
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