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Dear our slave
Most of La Siora domina enjoy being mistress in La Siora for long term compared to other BDSM clubs.
(2 dominas belongs La Siora for over 10 years and 3 of us does for over 5 years.)
And I had been constructing good relationship with my dominas both in the office and private time. Many things happen to the ladies during the time they work at La Siora.
Good event like marriage or starting their own business, or hardships like family's sickness or needs of home nursing...
Some of the dominas had to leave La Siora, and some others had to take long vacation to deal with those events.

It is mysterious that good things and bad things always come at once in a short period.
Therefore, I sometimes had to face the lack of staffs. I had also experienced so many recruits at the same time though. Even if we had many ladies to come to our interview, it doesn't mean we can always find a suitable person.

La Siora is 16 years old now.
Recently, we had more session offers than the number of sessions we can provide.
Fortunately we had been busy these days. Dominas are taking vacation for refreshment one by one as to keep good mental/health states to provide sessions.
Now we don't have enough number of dominas to meet expectations of club members..

However, we cannot just put bondage costumes on random girls and say "Here, she is our new domina" because that will be against our policy.
Ladies who do not like BDSM very much cannot keep working here for long because session require active attitudes. So for now, I guess we have to wait for someone who can be suitable to our stance.

The impact that private life affects to job is very big.
Some people might say "private life should be out of the office".
However, it is very difficult to be a domina if you cannot enjoy sessions as part of their hobby. Therefore it is very important to supply time to keep good condition in private environment and healthy body and mind.

I understand that some of you are worried whether dominas who are in long vacation might not back as domina again. In fact, there was one who never come back as her life changed a lot during vacation. However, dominas need vacation to keep being a mistress here. Although you love your job, you need a break sometimes, right?

Though, dominas cannot work at La Siora forever.
They have to leave La Siora at certain point.
I might even decide to close La Siora if I found something more attractive or lose passion for BDSM in the future.

What I always want to keep in my mind is to take care of "NOW" at anytime.
My role in La Siora is to set everything straight to keep good circumstances for dominas and provide right instructions about sessions as much as I can.
I would rather choose to quit than doing my job sloppy.
I think I'm very happy to have good staffs, dominas, friends and nice people around me as I'm very clumsy that cannot live without their supports.

I promise you all that I will keep focusing on my role with my everything and do my best.

Rie Asagiri
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