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Events Infomation in August
I bought a big watermelon.
I tasted some of it and it was so sweet and yummy!
I chose a good one! Jackpot!

Japanese Summer = watermelon, fireworks, gold fishes, somen noodle...
I'd love to announce about fun summer nights in Amarcord!
Of course we have cold noodle slider (Nagashi Somen) as we do in every summer!

August 1st (Fri) Midnight
Asuka Ryuzaki and drag-queen "Bouillabaisse" at Bar Amarcord!

Mistress Asuka Ryuzaki will appear at Amarcord from her saloon [Kyoto Barbara]. Don't miss this chance!
Her dynamic rope-bondage and magical technique are great entertainment.

Asuka-sama recommended to invite "Bouillabaisse"because her drag-queen is always exciting.
I'm looking forward to seeing her.
Indulge in Asuka World, and taste some "Bouillabaisse"?
Have a fun night!

August 4(Mon), 12(Tue), 20(Wed), 28(Thu)
Hentai-Nagashi-Soumen Day!
As we do every years, Soumen (Japanese cold noodle), Kakigoori (crushed ice with fruits syrup) will be served.
Check last year's photos from here![Click here!]

Aug 5 (Tue)
Angelica & Yu's Birthday Party!
Sexy dynamite body Angie and Bar staff Yu's co-birthday party!

August 15 (Fri)
It's August! Let's Get Together!

Ghosts, Monsters, Zombies, ANYONE! Let'g get together freaks!
I wanted to have freaks night for long time!
Wearing Yukata, or costume is welcomed too!
Don't you wanna be a ghost?
With the help of gallery artists in Amarcord, we will organize a special night.
You can even see special effect makeup!

[fake-fantasy] is a group of young artists which is lead by D, Amarcord Gallary artist in May 2014.
They will display "Sutra body painting" It reminds me of the story of "Houich the Earless"...
20140728001fake (1)

And, a Japanese pattern artists [Kazuya Usui] will do collaboration with us during August!
Please check [Here] out

Surprisingly, this black pattern is hand-painted.
He can paint something based on your requests.
You can buy his works during August. Please come and see the powerful his artworks.
20140728001US_usui_4 (1)

Let's have some fun time as always!
If you are bored, go to Amarcord!

I'm sorry,recently I'm toooo busy.
So my staff help for me to translate...
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