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Wishing a Speedy Recovery
I'm sorry,I forgot to update this blog...too late...
I have been traveling a lot in the previous month;
I have been to the edge of the world, two round trips from
Japan to Europe.
At one place they told me I was the first Japanese people
they saw, and discovered a culture I did not know before.

Sometimes I fly to the country I thought I would never
get to visit unless for a work or something, such as South American
countries, Africa, and South East Asia.
I would not have chosen to visit because I'm not a big fan
of hot weather.
(By the way, I was surprised Tokyo is breezier than France!)
But I can get into the country once I visited.

Since the visit to countries by chance, I started to notice
news I used to think it is happening somewhere far away.
I am surprised the world is flooded with problems.

Taiwan is the country I have never been to but I am
interested in.
There are many reasons; I saw a picture of Jiufen
which inspired a Japanese movie Spirited Away;
Taiwanese foods are delicious;
the girl who sat next to me while I was waiting
for the connecting flight was from Taiwan and
we started to talk.
I'm not good at English at all but we had a great
talk, an hour-waiting time went so fast with her.
More than everything, numbers of our members come
from Taiwan.
I often hear from my reception staff and dominas
that our members from Taiwan are very sweet gentlemen.

My thoughts are with everyone who are affected by
the dust explosion occurred in Taiwan.
I'm praying for everyone's speedy recovery.
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