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To our killingly lonesome members in 2015
This is the topic which all our dominas will write about.
I'm sorry for we rarely writing blogs in English.

"How was your 2015? How would you like your 2016 to be?"

My 2015 was an unpredictable year.
As if I was in a full of depravity...
Not, I was sloth.
And also I was in a rush.
I had a lot to do and so I couldn't do anything.
I was disappointed on my poor capasity.
To train myself, to have more capabilities,
I couldn't do any those.
Works which only I can do, Works which I do for the first time,
My brain was always stuck.
I wasn't really able to work for BDSM.

The same as my past years,
I had a great fortune of having great people.
How many times I felt about it?
On the other hand, I had to meet nasty filthy people too.
Even I was trying to avoid them, I would have to relate with them.
"how boring you are..." I thought.
But I understood why they'd thought that way.
Lonesome people cling to.
And the way they do is making them even more lonely.
They don't know how to be liked by people.
Even if anything I say, they can't become honest.
Unfortunately, the behavour of theirs,
let them even more lonely at the end.

I was looking for how to blow their loneliness away, through BDSM,
and, I surrendered.
Someone becomes selfish, someone talks only his brighted past years.
I don't want none of them.
If I synpathise him, he becomes even worse.
I've learnt that I have to have a division.
If we cannot be too kind to him, then don't do anything.

I think loneliness makes people worse.
When we don't have enough time to face people,
how could we cope with the loneliness?

I like being alone too.
Without careing about anything, do what I want to do.
That't why I like travelling around.
I'm not good at language, but it's fun too when I don't understand
100% my turn.
If there's a PERFECT slave, I might want him,
but still I would see how his personality is.
(Dogs are perfect for me!)

However, I know why I like being alone.
Because I have many loving friends.
They often invite me parties.
If I go all of it, I'd die.
That's why I can say I like being alone.
If I am really totally alone, I will never be able to say it.
So I always appriciate my friends, for having me, for entertaining me.
I will entertain back to my friends.

I would like to keep having my friends, this enviroment I'm in,
and keep playing hard!
I hope the lonesome people would feel the same...
That was what I thought in 2015.
I will write about 2016 another time.

I you have any requests for us to write about,
please mail La Siora.

I'm sorry,I couldn't translate by myself.
The snd of year in Japan,we are busy...
we have to do a big housecleaning and etc...!!

Have a good slave life!
Soyez de bon soumis!

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