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Best hopes and wishes for the New Year! Rie Asagiri
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Schedule of Shinju and Saki

Now, our internet connection is not good.So we are not able to reply prompty.
Please wait a moment.
↓Sorry to keep you waiting.It had been restored.

[Domina Saki] will change her regular schedule.
Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thuesday 14h00-23h00

[Domina Shinju] changed her schedule.
She made to plan to take a day off on the Saturday 8th October .
But she canceled the day off,so we accept her appointment on the day as usual.

Domina school La Siora】 | top↑
New main menu photos,the model is Tohka!
I have changed main menu photos.In this time,the model is Miss Tohka.
And I have updated Tohka's new profile photos also.You can look the photos from portrait on this page.
[Click here]
I will update more Tohka's and another domina's photos.Wait for a few days!
Domina school La Siora】 | top↑
AKIHO festival
I had change top page photos on La Siora website for AKIHO festival

Akiho festival
Domina Akiho celebrated the 10th anniversary of [ La Siora] Domina life in this year.
She was born in September.She has double birthday in this year.
Let's celebrate the double happy!

💛 Date
Saturdat,10th September
Bar open 20h00
Event 22h00 - 5h00

💛 Place
2F Lounge space
3F Cabaret / DJ

*Gallery Bar AMARCORD
Website [Click here!]
S3Buld 1F 2-18-7 Shinjyuku Shinjyuku - ku,Tokyo
TEL: (03)6457-7477
* 3min a walk from C8exit of Shinjyuku-San-chome Station.
* 15min a walk from east exit of JR Shinjyuku station
or Higashi-Shinjyuku station.
Open : 20:00~4:00
year round; 7 days a week 
Regular Holiday :
O-bon (Middle Augst)
New Years Holiday

💛 Ticket
F / 3000yen /3drinks
M / 7000yen /3drinks
F / 3000yen /2drinks
M / 7000yen /2drinks

Thcket Shops
[Gallery Bar AMARCORD]

💛 Parfomance
Akiho(La Siora)
Maico Tsubaki(Mode et Baroque)
Lune Glitter(Mode et Baroque)
Ruina(La Siora)
Akiha Takanashi

💛 DJ
Yumiko Kagami(Ereka)
Fred the Bat
Iori Sakai(Amarcord)

Domina school La Siora】 | top↑
Amarcord 6th anniversary and new photos!

【Bar AMARCORD】 is 6th anniversary of the shop opening in Feb!
We will celebrate the twelfth anniversaryon Friday 5th and Saturday 6th frb/
By all means stop in to see us.

Next info is from[La Siora]
We have uodated many new photos.

[Domina Lum]
Click the portraits page.

[Domina Ruina]
She is a new and ,20 years old domina.
Click the portraits page.

[Domina Akane]
She is a beautiful and newdomina.
Click the portraits page.
Gallery Bar Amarcord】 | top↑
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